Yahoo Tries Social Networking… Again

Bob Hof of BusinessWeek just got an invite from Mike Speiser, Yahoo’s VP of community, to join its newest social network, called Mash, which have an interesting wrinkle: Other people can add stuff to your profile. The service seems aimed at young people. Many people are suffering from social-network overload. Facebook for a general-purpose network and LinkedIn for strictly professional stuff. People will add more if the social networks are really focused on small, discrete groups.


  1. You can make starter profiles for your friends. Think: “first round’s on me.”
  2. You can leave your profile open to contributions by trusted friends.
  3. You can customize your — or your friend’s ) — profile with modules from a growing gallery of apps

And of course, there are extensive privacy controls in Mash and you set the boundaries that you’re comfortable with.”

Other features:

Not only can you customize your page and add modules, you can also edit your friends’ pages (with their permission). That means if you were my friend, you would be able to pimp my profile and ‘Mash Pet’, move and add modules on my page, contribute to my ‘about me’ and ‘my stuff’, and vice versa. But again, this is only if I let you ). You also can keep track of all the activity that occurs on your profile.

The Blurt is like a status…Your My Stuff is basically a blank, html-friendly module that allows you to you put as much *whatever-you’d-like* in there—images, videos, music and all. You can also click and drag modules to rearrange them on your page.

Module Gallery allows you to see other modules you can add to your page and your friends’ pages! (PimpMyPet, Translucency and YouTube are some of my faves).

There’s no search by names yet, so the best way to find your friends on Mash is by email.

Link 1
Link 2


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