Top websites 2007: Money and News

The Motley Fool
By Kyle Monson
The Motley Fool’s credo is “To Educate, Amuse, and Enrich,” and they mean “enrich” literally. The site is packed with financial advice on every topic and for every level of investor, and most of it is entertaining even if you don’t have cash to drop on new stock picks.

By Eric Griffith
The premise: An online popularity contest. The contestants: Everything on the Internet. Can you Digg it? Find what you like, “digg it,” and it bubbles to the top, ensuring that the best stuff is seen the most. It’s not just tech stuff, and it’s not just text stuff: Look for your peers’ favorite daily doses of videos and podcasts too.
By Eric Griffith
Fark is not news. In fact, it wants to be synonymous with “not news.” The sometimes profane but always funny site aggregates tales from around the Web of stupid people doing stupid things, and the stupid media that covers the stupidity. The Farkers (who submit the stories) then provide witty comments. TotalFarkers pay $5 a month to see all 2,000 submissions a day and, better yet, vote in the Photoshop contests of creatively doctored art.

By Vicki B. Jacobson
Since its inception in 2002, Gawker has ruled as the grande dame of celebrity blogs and has singlehandedly made snark the most valuable blog commodity. Today, it continues its mission of passing along New York– and media-based news and gossip, along with providing newer content such as Gawker’s User’s Guides—short (and yes, snarky) video clips about popular New York City neighborhoods. We guarantee you won’t find anything like them on Expedia. Oh, and don’t forget the controversial Gawker Stalker: celebrity sightings with date, time, and location details. Right this second, Jessica Stam is eating at California Pizza Kitchen two blocks north of here. Gotta go!

Guardian Unlimited
By Brian Heater
Sometimes getting the best news about your country’s politics involves turning to sources outside of its borders. Published since 1821, The Guardian (formerly The Manchester Guardian) has become one of the most celebrated English-language papers around for its journalistic transparency. The Web version is equally excellent, and completely free.

The Onion
By Alex Ivey
Back in the day, we had to wait a full week for The Onion‘s signature brand of news-spoofing wit. One of the best perks of living in the Internet age is that The Onion can be enjoyed daily, hourly, or even (if your boss isn’t looking) by the minute. And with its new Onion Network News, it’s funnier than ever.

The Smoking Gun
By Brian Heater
If you’re a celebrity or other public figure, you’ve likely woken up in more than a few cold sweats since 1997, when two former Village Voice writers launched The Smoking Gun. Existing at the crossroads of First Amendment rights and gossip, the Web site specializes in incriminating evidence, from mug shots to court documents to bands’ backstage riders. If there’s one thing that The Smoking Gun has taught us, it’s that damning evidence makes for a damn good read.

By Kyle Monson
Slate may not specialize in hard news the way The New York Times does, but it’s perfected its own offbeat style. The site excels at taking the leading news stories of the day and twisting them, reanalyzing them, or fact-checking them into oblivion. And the writing is excellent and engaging—so much so that it’s easy to spend a whole afternoon enjoying Slate before realizing that you aren’t really interested in any of the topics you’ve been reading about.



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