Treat your Web Site As One of Your Best Employees

A company needs to treat its Web site as an investment, as a tool, and as it would a trusted employee. With the Internet maturing in services and offerings, many corporations have failed to take advantage of these advances in relation to their Web site investments. Here are a few ideas for how to make your Web site as valuable and productive to your business as your best employees:

Employees require training, mentoring, reviews, opportunities for improvement. Why should your Web site be any different? They both interact directly with your customers and internal systems, and both speak measures for your brand.

Successful employees are not stagnant. Neither are Web sites. Web sites need to be interacted with and updated on a regular basis, held accountable to predefined metrics, and refined as needed. They also need to be flexible and speak to a variety of people in a variety of roles, funneling that knowledge into specific systems and “contacts” within the business.

Similar to valued employees, a good site is a strategic investment that can provide great returns when deployed effectively. Companies need to ask themselves if their site is attracting new visitors, and then offering them what they need, converting those visitors into leads and sales, catering to diverse target audiences, and providing a measurable return on investment.

Thomas Obrey
COO and co-founder
Portsmouth, NH



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