Why Web 2.0 is critical for your business (vendor white paper)

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‘Enterprise 2.0’ represents the migration of the Web from isolated silos of content to an integrated framework in which the Web becomes a computing platform that is able to provide greater value than traditional tools, like simple email messages and static web pages, have been able to offer. Enterprise 2.0 represents the collision of Web 2.0 business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer applications (e.g., blogs, wikis, mashups, RSS and social networking) with corporate users looking to achieve business-to-business benefits. While Enterprise 2.0 offers important benefits for the way that organizations share information and collaborate, the newer workforce raised on consumer-oriented Web 2.0 applications have also become accustomed to these tools and increasingly expect to be able to use these tools in the workplace.

For businesses, Enterprise 2.0 should figure prominently in their communication and collaboration planning, since it allows easier collaboration and greater efficiency of communication than is possible with highly structured, inflexible legacy communication and productivity tools. Enterprise 2.0, for example, has a significant impact on email and more traditional groupware tools, and is becoming increasingly valuable in re-shaping how users manage the growing glut of information. Enterprise 2.0 holds the promise of allowing organizations to make decisions more quickly, to share information more easily and to improve business profitability.

The ascendancy of Web 2.0/Enterprise 2.0 should not in any way be regarded as representative of the demise of traditional applications used in business environments. In fact, Enterprise 2.0 will in many ways make traditional applications more capable and more useful. For example, content in a wiki can replace a large number of individual emails and email threads, thereby reducing email traffic and content, making email more useful than it is today. Furthermore, most advanced wikis allow content to be published easily to the wiki using email, which supports users’ current workflow where email plays a central role.

Published on: August 2007
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