Evaluating Tech Startups: The Risks And Rewards

By John Foley

Tech startups are enthusiastic about the prospect of selling to businesses, and rightly so. Opsware, VMware, Salesforce.com–they’re just a few recent examples of startups that hit it huge, whether through buyout, IPO, or organic growth. Venture capital firms are pouring money into promising early-stage tech companies–$1.1 billion went toward 187 software deals in the third quarter, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association–and Web 2.0 has everyone thinking again about all the business possibilities on the Internet. The pieces are in place.


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3 Responses to Evaluating Tech Startups: The Risks And Rewards

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  2. […] longscorner wrote an interesting post today on Evaluating Tech Startups: The Risks And RewardsHere’s a quick excerptThe Washington Post’s Web site became an early user of Aggregate Knowledge’s Web site recommendation software after WashingtonPost.com executive editor Jim Brady heard about Aggregate Knowledge last year when talking to a venture … […]

  3. linksubs says:

    Very informative post. Thanks for that. How would you like to discuss business related topics on the all new business forum. So many members could gain knowledge from your business experiences and advice.

    Please think it over.


    Col 🙂

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