ParAccel Seen As A Promising Startup In BI Database Market

By Antone Gonsalves

Startup ParAccel has launched an analytic database that at least one expert sees as a potentially disruptive technology in the data warehouse and database management system markets.

The San Diego-based company officially launched itself and its first product last week by announcing the general availability of the ParaAccel Analytic Database, a DBMS capable of all types of decision processing, from traditional data warehousing and analytics to operational business intelligence, online analytical processing, and high-speed query processing.

In addition, ParAccel announced a partnership in which Sun Microsystems would offer a DBMS appliance with ParAccel software, which is also available as a standalone database or as a drop-in database accelerator.

In addition, the software can be configured for all-in-memory analytical processing, or for traditional disk-based database-execution deployments, James Kobielus, analyst for Current Analysis said in a recent research note. “It can run on a single massively parallel processing-capable compute node or on multiple distributed nodes with scale-out and high availability.”

Kobielus said the potential impact of the ParaAccel Analytic Database is high on the DBMS and DW markets because of its innovation, flexibility and scalability. “This new release could prove truly disruptive to established segments in which rivals offer point solutions rather than flexible, appliance-ready, analytics-processing solutions,” Kobielus said.

Nevertheless, ParAccel has its shortcomings. For one, it can operate as a drop-in accelerator only with Microsoft SQL Server, and not with the top two enterprise databases: Oracle and IBM DB2, the analyst said. In addition, ParaAccel’s offering competes with products in several market niches, and the startup has yet to prove that its technology is truly the best of breed in any of those segments.

However, ParAccel’s announcement “sends a signal that innovation is alive and well in the DBMS arena,” Kobielus said.

“Rival DBMS/DW vendors should rethink their go-to-market strategies in light of the release of ParAccel Analytic Database,” the analyst said. “This radically flexible new release could prove truly disruptive to many established market segments.”

Source:Intelligent Enterprise


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