2008 Mobile Innovation Global Awards

February 19, 2008

Prior to the Mobile Innovation Marketplace in Barcelona, sponsored by Ericsson, innovators submitted Award entries in one of five categories, which were reviewed by a panel of judges that included senior executives and managing partners from 3i, Carmel Ventures, Ericsson, Global View Partners, Rogers Wireless, SFR, Telecom Italia, and Telefonica O2 Group.

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Meet the Googlers

February 17, 2008

Google is different, even on a list of distinctive companies. But its employees still type their email one letter at a time. We may not understand precisely how Google’s algorithms work, but we can understand how the people at Google do their work. Here, more than a dozen describe what life is like at a place where no goal is too audacious, agility means more than power, and even cafeteria food represents an opportunity to change the world.

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FastCompany: 50 World’s Most Innovative Companies

February 17, 2008

From visionary upstarts to storied stalwarts, here are companies that dazzle with new ideas– and prove beyond a doubt how business is a force for change. They are called the 50 World’s Most Innovative Companies.

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Turning Innovation Into Cash

February 17, 2008

Ideas are good, but if they don’t make money, they’re useless. That’s the premise of Payback: Reaping the Rewards of Innovation, by James P. Andrew and Harold L. Sirkin, who have seen the best and worst innovation practices from their perch as senior vice presidents of the Boston Consulting Group. Their new book is a helpful “how-to” for companies looking to refine their innovation process.

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Mobile-Phone Show: The Startups Shine

February 15, 2008

There were plenty of companies, both old and new, at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that offered creative new ways to enhance the mobile-phone multimedia experience. From semiconductor chips to software applications to new online services, a dozen of the hottest companies at the show had been picked up.


5 Steps To Disruption

February 14, 2008

The concepts of disruptive innovation are powerful tools with which to spot high-potential opportunities. But while many companies come up with innovative ideas, often, nothing happens. Why? Managers returned to their desks, stepped back into the daily grind, and the optimistic feelings generated in the session slowly disappeared or were consumed by near-term priorities. So we developed a simple, five-step process that can help companies go from a desire to disrupt to a funded disruptive business plan in less than 100 days.

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