Guy Kawasaki: Angel capital and the HotorNot approach

February 20, 2008

Why bother impressing venture capitalists when (a) it takes less money to start a company and (b) there are plenty of angels who will fund early-stage deals?

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How to Create a Successful Facebook Widget

February 15, 2008

When Facebook opened its platform to third-party developers in late May, mom-and-pop shop widget makers from California to Turkey cropped up everywhere to capitalize on Facebook’s fast-growing user base of 52 million people. Initially, it was easy to dismiss this widget economy as a microcosm for another Web bubble. But in reality, analysts say widget makers are not only creating innovative, user-friendly products, they’re also making a bunch of money—real money—from ads

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5 Steps To Disruption

February 14, 2008

The concepts of disruptive innovation are powerful tools with which to spot high-potential opportunities. But while many companies come up with innovative ideas, often, nothing happens. Why? Managers returned to their desks, stepped back into the daily grind, and the optimistic feelings generated in the session slowly disappeared or were consumed by near-term priorities. So we developed a simple, five-step process that can help companies go from a desire to disrupt to a funded disruptive business plan in less than 100 days.