Deal Roundup, Feb 19, 2008

February 20, 2008

Who invests in who? Who buys who? Who sells?

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Microsoft-Yahoo Deal: Link Update (Feb 18, 2008)

February 19, 2008

Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Update (from Feb 15 till morning Feb 19) from AP, Reuteurs, New York Times, New York Post, Silicon Valley, eWeek, Informationweek, ZDnet, AllthingsD, WebProNews

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M&A: Who buys Who?

February 16, 2008

Buyouts have always been the primary exit strategy for high-tech startups and the tech giants that can make them happen seem to have both the wherewithal and the appetite. Microsoft’s CEO plans to buy 20 companies a year for the next half-decade. Google has snapped up almost three dozen companies in the past three years and has billions left to spend. Even Apple’s Steve Jobs is under pressure to do something with the $15 billion war chest he’s accumulated.

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Microsoft-Yahoo Deal: Major Yahoo Investor Urges Microsoft To Raise Offer

February 13, 2008

Yahoo’s second-biggest investor urged Microsoft to raise its $42 billion bid for the Web pioneer and warned Yahoo it has few options left, raising the pressure on them to seal a deal.