Deal Roundup, Feb 19, 2008

February 20, 2008

Who invests in who? Who buys who? Who sells?

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Silicon Valley start-ups begin hitting the brakes

February 20, 2008

VCs urge companies to raise cash now, pass up deals that look too pricey Investors worry a tough economy will slash big companies’ spending on products sold by start-ups and may also damp online ad spending.

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Venture Capital Roundup

February 17, 2008

Nerites Corporation completed a $5.7 million Series A round of funding; New Earth Solutions Ltd attracted Gbp4 million; ActionBase raised $6.5M; Q Therapeutics, Inc. raised $15 million Series B financing; Sparkplay Media Inc. secured $4.25 million in financing; Albireo raised $27 million and anticipates receiving up to $40m in a Series A financing round; Coverity has raised $22 million.

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VCs putting money into personal finance sites

February 17, 2008

Venture capitalists have been busy investing in personal-finance Web start-ups, attempting to tap into a new generation of consumers who have never balanced a checkbook and increasingly view online money management as they would any other kind of Web service.

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Matchmaking for Investors and Entrepreneurs

November 1, 2007

Here are two things to check out on the funding front, particularly if you aren’t in tech.

First, a tool that could help democratize the funding hunt — Think of it as matchmaking service between entrepreneurs and investors.

IdeaCrossing is open and free to anyone in the U.S. Entrepreneurs build a profile, and the system matches them to like-minded participating investors. Investors can see these profiles (the entrepreneur doesn’t get to right away) and reach out with time or money.

The site is still in beta with about 1,000 users. It needs critical mass to really work, but is a good idea that could help tap pockets of money in more regions.

It’s also getting easier for nontech companies to get on angels’ radar. More are broadening into retail, real estate and consumer products to appease members with nontech backgrounds.

Some groups are very specific. The founder of IdeaCrossing, a Cleveland nonprofit called JumpStart Inc., invests only in companies that bring jobs to northeast Ohio. One group, 12 Angels Investment Group, invests in firms that help prevent or treat addictions. Others, are funding women- or minority-led firms or ones with a social or environmental bent.

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