Big money in Enterprise 2.0

October 29, 2007

Radicati Group, a leading analyst firm that tracks the messaging and collaboration industry, recently released some suprising data on the size and growth of the business social software market. According to Radicati, the market is expected to be $920 million this year and blossom to over $3.3 billion by 2011. These revenue numbers are staggering and indicate the significant investment that has started in Enterprise 2.0 technologies by business customers. Radicati’s numbers are indeed bullish compared to other analysts like Gartner which published back in July that the social software market would grow from $226 million in 2007 to more than $707 million by 2011.

Regardless of which numbers are accurate, what’s clearly driving this market is the shift of consumer-oriented Web 2.0 tools to the domain of ‘enterprise social computing’ and addressing real business problems. Gartner highlights this trend in a recent study entitled ‘Facebook and the Emerging Social Platform Wars’ and points out “the usefulness of social networking in the enterprise is becoming more visible to large (BEA Systems, Sun, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle) and small (Leverage Software, Spoke, Userplane, Corespeed, Unisfair, Tacit Software, Socialtext) vendors.” Clearly Enterprise 2.0 is more that just hype and the value of social software is shaping up to create a billion (or multi-billion) dollar market opportunity.

Source: Socialtext’s blog

About SocialText

October 29, 2007

As the first wiki company, Socialtext is the leader in making web collaboration secure, scalable and easy to use. A Socialtext wiki is a secure, group-editable website. Instead of sending emails and attachments, Socialtext customers use private web pages to work together.

To help stimulate adoption, Socialtext offers WikiWidgets, which make it easy for non-technical, business users to create rich, dynamic wiki content.

Plus Socialtext provides added flexibility for users to access wiki content from anywhere, anytime – from mobile devices or even when off-line and disconnected from the network – with Socialtext Miki, the mobile wiki, and Socialtext Unplugged, the off-line wiki.

Working in a Socialtext wiki allows everyone to work on the same page (literally):

  • Helps eliminate email overload
  • Much faster than working in shared documents
  • More up to date than a static Intranet

Socialtext provides both a hosted service for maximum convenience and a hardware/software appliance for easy behind-the-firewall installation.

Deployment options are designed for range of organizational needs: Enterprise, Professional, Personal and Open Source.

Socialtext’s feature


Wiki Collaboration

  • Edit any page in a workspace
  • Simple WYSIWYG “What You See Is What You Get” editing
  • Comment on any page
  • Create and edit tables
  • Create new pages with one click
  • View and subscribe to recently changed pages
  • Complete revision history
  • Compare revisions side-by-side and restore any previous revisions
  • Copy and paste from Word Processing and Spreadsheet
  • Printer-friendly output

Team Weblog Publishing

  • Simple weblog publishing – post directly in the weblog or by email
  • Subscribe to updates by RSS – immediately notice important new items
  • Unlimited authors for each weblog
  • Revise weblog posts simply with post revision history
  • Attach comments and files to posts

Integrated with Email, IM and More

  • Send an email in to any wiki page or any weblog
  • Send any wiki page out by email, to colleagues or any address
  • Add, update, and categorize pages by email
  • Full control of email notification – get updates hour, daily, weekly
  • IM and presence integration
  • RSS syndication and aggregation
  • Web service connections (Google, Yahoo, Technorati, more)

Advanced Search, Tagging and Organization

  • Create pages instantly – simply type new page names as links
  • Uploaded documents are indexed for immediate search
  • Advanced search for keyword, title, or category
  • “User defined tags” enable easy creation of personal categories and workflow
  • Maintenance features enable easy clean up: “Backlinks” show linked pages. “Orphans” show unlinked pages.
  • View categorized pages as a weblog
  • Simple page templates
  • Send pages across workspaces for knowledge sharing across teams
  • Free-form page titles are links, for on-the-go organization

Simple File Management

  • Upload documents and view document versions
  • View and sort all files
  • Link to files in the wiki
  • Display uploaded images within your pages
  • Full-text search of many attached files

Personalized and Customizable Navigation

  • A personal dashboard empowers users by providing quick access to important content
  • See recently viewed and changed pages in a sidebar
  • Look and feel is customizable to your brand standards (CSS+)
  • Add your own logo or favorite image

Access Control and Wiki Administration

  • Administrators control access to any wiki
  • Create any number of wikis and weblogs with a single click
  • Easily invite new users
  • Send a custom invitation message
  • Add and remove users within each workspace
  • Easily view and navigate multiple workspaces
  • Link to pages in other workspaces
  • Publish content from more private to more public spaces
  • Flexible public/private access control
  • Flexible role-based access control

First-class Security and Reliability

  • All communication uses SSL encryption between browser and server
  • Hosted at enterprise-class data center for security and reliability
  • Automated, geographically distributed backup
  • Your data is yours – get an HTML or text form export at any time
  • Also available as a hardware + software appliance for secure, low-maintenance deployment behind the firewall


Network and Directory Integration

  • Enterprise directory integration (Active Directory and LDAP) for secure enterprise user authentication and authorization
  • Digital certificate support
  • Automated or manual backup to network file storage
  • Backup and monitoring agents
  • Enterprise search integration
  • Professional field engineering to integrate with your enterprise systems

Socialtext allows you to write on web pages, just as if you were typing an email.

The “Edit this Page” link lets you immediately write on any page.Use boldface, make headings, insert links, create bullet lists and build tables as you like.

Personal Dashboards

Every Socialtext user receives a personal dashboard that provides convenient access to new and important information in the wiki.

The dashboard provides access to:

  • Recent changes made by your team
  • Pages you are watching
  • Workspaces to which you belong
  • “Announcements and links” to bring to your group’s attention
  • “Your notepad” with personal notes and link

Recent Changes

Recent Changes shows you team activity at a glance.

For each wiki, see:

  • which pages have been added
  • which pages have been changed
  • who made the latest change
  • the date and time of the change
  • the number of times each page has been revised
  • sorted the way you’d like to read

Get Teams Collaborating Fast

Relieve the pain

Use a Socialtext wiki to keep the team on the same page. (What is a Wiki?)

  1. Invite your team into your private Socialtext wiki.
  2. To start, everyone creates a People page. List roles, interests, contact information. Link to your various projects. The adventurous include photos and set up a personal work blog.
  3. Make a project summary page that outlines the goal and key milestones. Link to team member pages. Link to meeting notes, research, agendas, contracts, and attach relevant material.
  4. Set up a project weblog that automatically displays all relevant work in diary format. Never write a status report again.

Your Results

  • A central home for your project that members can track and contribute to, on their own time, from anywhere
  • Shared notes that remember context
  • Easy tracking of activity
  • Reduced ramp-up times for new members or follow-on projects
  • Everyone on the same page

Cut Down on Email Overload

Relieve the pain

Use a Socialtext wiki as a shared space to collaborate. (What is a Wiki?)

  1. Invite your team into your private Socialtext wiki.
  2. Make a new page for the draft or discussion you’re doing together.
  3. Team members edit the page as needed (the page always displays latest version).
  4. Team members comment at the bottom of the page, discussing how to improve the draft or discussion.


  • A single location for team contributions and updates
  • Relief from the burden of managing a mountain of redundant email each day
  • A revision history that preserves each change and protects against accidental loss
  • A shared final version in a persistent, searchable space, that even new people who arrive later can find and understand

Relieve the pain

Use a Socialtext wiki to build an up-to-date Intranet that people will actually use.

  1. Posting reports and updating dashboards is easy in Socialtext, so the content is always fresh
  2. Engage experts — encourage the people who already answering questions to post in the wiki
  3. Engage everyone — anybody with relevant knowledge can update and improve content
  4. Build a corporate glossary — define common acronyms and jargon terms


  • Fewer interruptions for you since information is easily findable by others
  • Everyone has a central, up-to-date resource to read
  • More contributions to the Intranet from more people
  • Mistakes are corrected and information is continuously updated by the people who use it
  • Newcomers have a valuable resource for ramping up

Source:’s website